1Haunted Buggy Ride

You will be loaded in carts 2 at a time for what may be your last ride. This new attraction will attempt to take you into the forbidden grounds of Popes Farm. Never before seen areas that have been deemed too dangerous for the public to view.

2Haunted Hayride: Strangers!!!

As your wagon is slowly pulled along the dark, desolate roads of Popes Farm. One begins to realize that the actors in this attraction are a little too real, OR are they actors at all. Try not to show fear, for that’s what they prey on. A few of you might not make the trip back safely. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

3Haunted Barn: Slaughterhouse

This guided tour will take you through the gruesome scenes of a backwoods psychopath that has turned the 11,000 sq. ft. barn into his own personal torture chamber. Be Careful to stay on the right path or you will become part of his project.

4Haunted Forest: Collector

This is the area of the farm that you will see the Collectors army from Jeepers Creepers as you will find your way through the cornfield. Crawl through the sewer where it will be lurking. Walk into a real chainsaw massacre and even pay a visit to the Nun. This is the most intense event on the farm.